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The Corner Biergarten: For Non-Beer Drinkers. Too!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Sure, the Corner Biergarten is the perfect place to come for a beer, but did you know that we also have an outstanding variety of both non-beer alternatives as well as non-alcoholic alternatives?

For you non-beer drinkers looking for an “adult beverage,” we have an impressive selection of hard ciders from Ciderboys, Beak & Skiff 1911, Noble, Artifact, and Original Sin, to name a few.

We have Seltzers from Fizzics and Florida Seltzers. We have ginger beer from Ginger’s Revenge. Also, we carry Mead from Honeygirl, Stardust Cellars, and even St. Ambrose Cellers from Northern Michigan. We’re constantly looking for top-notch alternatives for our non-beer drinkers!

Our soda selection isn’t large, but it’s eclectic, with a nice variety for both kids and grownups: we have offerings from Dr. Browns, Green Man, and Saranac, and even classic grape NEHI! And did you know that non-alcoholic beer has come a LONG way? You might be surprised to find out how tasty our offerings are from Athletic and Untitled Art, and even Erdinger from Germany.

While we don’t serve food, we do have a nice variety of snacks. We carry products from local vendors like Cackalacky peanuts, Chad’s Carolina Corn popcorn, and Daddy Bob’s Barbecue.

We sell official TCB apparel in the form of hats (trucker and beanie), t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

The point is that TCB cares about more than our traditional beer-drinking customer base, and we’d love it if something left of field resonates with you and turns you into a regular, too!


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